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FIC: Right Now


Title: Right Now

Pair: Kadam (yay)

Summary: Adam is spending Valentine’s Day in the bar when Kurt comes in wearing a white suit, fresh from ditching his wedding.

For Kadamtines and AU Kadam Saturday (long awaited reunion).

Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day was just a jot pathetic. Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day because your date had stood you up was wildly pathetic.

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post 4.15 kadam movie date drabble (=^.^=)

"Well, I think I rather enjoyed that," Adam grinned happily, pulling his scarf tighter around his neck, shivering at the chill of the breeze outside the movie theater.

Kurt sauntering out in front of him as he held the door open, sticking his hands in his pockets, his nose scrunching up at the chill contrasting the warmth of the theater, as though inside he’d momentarily forgotten the existence of winter. “Eh,” he grunted playfully, laughing when Adam caught up to him and their shoulders bumped together.

Adam raised an eyebrow, his exultation dropping to expose the slightest hint of anxiety. “You didn’t like it?”

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Pairing: Kadam, Rating: PG

Summary: Adam finds out about Bruce. 

Taking the chance of having the apartment for himself for the night, Kurt had invited Adam over to stay with him.

The brunette was flicking through the pages of the newest ‘Vogue’ issue as he heard Adam return from the bathroom.

He placed the magazine on the small table in front of him and turned his head.

Only to wish he hadn’t.

Oh god.

Adam had found him.

He had found Bruce.

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summary: kurt has a shitty day and adam is there with massages to make everything better.

Kurt curses as he slides over a patch of ice, maintaining his balance mostly through pure luck. When he stablizes again, he sighs in relief: he hadn’t been so lucky earlier that day, when he’d fallen three times going from NYADA to the Vogue office. 

In fact, his day in general has been crappy: he had a huge test in one of his classes that he’s sure he flunked, he hadn’t had time for breakfast this morning because his alarm hadn’t gone off due to another power outage because of the outrageous snow, and some frat boys on the subway had snickered at him for his entire ride. Add that to the falls and consequenent bruises, not to mention how cold and wet he is from walking all day in the snow, and Kurt Hummel is ready to be done with the world.

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summary: adam gets hard whenever kurt sings.
an: okay have you heard adam when he talks about kurt’s performances he basically sounds like he was jizzing his pants all the way through them how could i NOT

Adam has never really thought of himself as a kinky fellow.

He’s experimented with bondage and he likes foreplay, but otherwise he feels that he’s pretty standard, sex-wise. He doesn’t indulge in strange sexual acts, doesn’t have a drawer full of sex toys to whip out at a moment’s notice. With every former partner he’s had, he’s never really been fixated on any specific aspect of their body. It’s all been fairly average, really.

Until Kurt.

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Until I Hear it From You — Kadam AU Saturday: Party
It takes a huge party to save their store to make Kurt realize how he really feels about his long-time coworker. (Basically any excuse to write an Empire Records crossover.)

The turnout is so amazing it’s ridiculous. It hasn’t been more than two hours since Puck jumped in front of the news anchorman reporting live to invite everyone to the store for a party and a show, shouting to viewers, "Damn the man! Save the empire!" 

And yet the crowd is undeniable, from hoards of motorcycle riders rolling in to elderly women wearing robes and hair rollers and even younger kids—which is rather questionable considering all of the alcohol they’re selling from the kegs. Not that they’re selling it to the kids. They’ve got posters, boards and records set up outside the Empire Records doors as well.

Kurt should be stoked about it, because hopefully all these people showing up will mean they’ll be able to get enough money to save the record store. He is excited about the possibility, but there’s something that’s weighing heavy in his heart and muting the sensation of the adrenaline that’s running through him.

He finds Finn and struggles to shout over the music blasting from outside where Quinn’s singing with the band. “Have you seen Adam?”

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Everyday Magic [Kadam]


For kadamcanon for her birthday :3


December, 2013

It’s half an hour until the play starts, and the backstage is swirly and dizzying with everyone bustling around. Kurt has no idea where he is and where to go, but he tries to stay out of everyone’s way. There are so many people though that he almost knocks off a clothes rack.

He doesn’t want to ruin anything by being clumsy and uncoordinated, and although he knows that he will regret not wishing his man proper good luck, he maneuvers his way out of the tumultuous crowd before he breaks a real prop or something.

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