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Ficlet : Sparks Fell


Notes: Another oneshot that was cut from Take Me to the Other Side. Much love to Gingerandfair for helping me out. I wrote it fast, so I might have missed a few errors, Still I hope you enjoy

WC: 1300

Pairing: Kurt/Adam

Summary: Kurt and Adam’s first time (in the TMthOS Verse) 

Warning: Two boys who are slightly dorky and Kurt Hummel being awkward.


“It was a lovely date,” Kurt says and presses his shoulders against the door to his apartment, one foot against it, bent knee and titled head reading, he hopes, invitation that’s more overt than the heavy flirting he’s gone with all night.

“Lovely?” Adam says with a strange little smile. He puts his hand on the door next to Kurt’s face and slides in for a kiss, pulling back after a moment to whisper against his lips. “You’ve been driving me mad all night.”

Kurt’s hands around Adam’s waist feel like they were meant to fit there, and Adam’s tongue in his mouth, humid exhales and the thrum of his own body more and more right as well. “I had good reason.”

“Oh and what would that be?” Adam tucks his face into Kur’s neck and just inhales. Kurt shivers and bites his lip.

“I was hoping you’d maybe give me another chance at this-” he gestures toward the door, “and let me invite you in.”

Adam chuckles. “Well, you needn’t have fondled me publicly-”

“I wasn’t fondling so much as umm…attempting to entice?” Kurt says sheepishly.

“No attempt needed,” Adam says, eyes crinkling with his smile. “Quite sure that you breathe and I’ve been enticed. Besides you know it’s not a matter of me giving you a second chance, yeah?”

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