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The Beanie Experiment


Title: The Beanie Experiment

Rating: PG

Length: 3856

Pairing: Kadam

Summary: The last thing Elliott expected when he bumped into a stranger at a coffee shop was to know who it was.Never one to question his luck, he decides it’s a sign to make things right.

Written because of this still from Frenemies, and the agreement that Elliott has a fondness for clothes Adam might wear. My mind took it strange places. Not canon compliant, despite where the still came from. 

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a thousand words for love, kurt/adam, 1500+words: prompt: Kurt and Adam make conflicting plans for each other on their first valentine’s day together. 

Thanks to shadowc44 for the awesome prompt. I’m really bad at sticking to them completely, because how do you even plan a secret valentine’s day thing without the other person doing it to? but I tried?


Adam’s sat through numerous rounds of rom-com re-runs. A lonely group valentine’s celebration, a night spent cheering up a broken-hearted friend or a last-ditch effort to wake up an uninspired soul.

Not a single movie had ever prepared him for celebrating his first valentine’s day with Kurt.

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classifiedarchives’s Kadam prompt fic


Prompt: Adam is working as a stage hand/ related to the producer/ or as a character in the upcoming Broadway play “Peter Pan”. He gets Kurt on the Stage when everyone had gone home for the evening and lets Kurt play. Kurt does an amazing job singing and acting as Peter and some of the casting directors/produces who were staying late see him. Maybe they ask Adam who that enchanting boy was and do whatever it takes to cast him in the play.

Hope you enjoy it! :D

(Note: I am no Stephen Sondheim! :P )

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From the Kadam tag after Chris’ episode:

krissyreminisce gave the prompt: Adam is the only person to show up and support Kurt in Peter Pan.

I thought I would give it a go.  I hope its not too disappointing and that you like it.

Rating: PG

Word count: 967

Lucky Star

It’s the third name that he has dialed one his contacts and gotten no response prior to curtain.  Well… There’s no curtain, but he still wishes he could see one of his friends out amongst the blue-haired bitties and the oxygen tanks. 

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Starting Over


Pairings: Kadam 

Warnings: Not Blaine/Klaine friendly at all. 

Kadam AU Saturday prompt: Kurt suffers a head injury. When he wakes up, the last thing he remembers is taking Adam’s hand in the NYADA practice room.



“Kurt, if you can hear me squeeze my hand.”

Kurt heard the voice calling him out from unconsciousness, and he tried to do what the voice said.

“Oh my god Kurt, you are finally awake! I was so worried. Your dad has hardly left your side, I can’t wait for him to see you have woken up. Do you think you can open your eyes for me honey?”

Honey, what?’ He thought, as he tried to pry open his eyes. ‘That’s not right, something is wrong.’

After a few minutes Kurt was able to open his eyes, staring up at a blank white ceiling. As he turned his head towards where the voice was coming from he could see a heart rate monitor and as his senses returned he could feel a slight pinch in his elbow where an IV was inserted.

Finally turning his head far enough to see the voice’s owner, he saw someone he hadn’t seen in months.

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FIC: Right Now


Title: Right Now

Pair: Kadam (yay)

Summary: Adam is spending Valentine’s Day in the bar when Kurt comes in wearing a white suit, fresh from ditching his wedding.

For Kadamtines and AU Kadam Saturday (long awaited reunion).

Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day was just a jot pathetic. Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day because your date had stood you up was wildly pathetic.

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post 4.15 kadam movie date drabble (=^.^=)

"Well, I think I rather enjoyed that," Adam grinned happily, pulling his scarf tighter around his neck, shivering at the chill of the breeze outside the movie theater.

Kurt sauntering out in front of him as he held the door open, sticking his hands in his pockets, his nose scrunching up at the chill contrasting the warmth of the theater, as though inside he’d momentarily forgotten the existence of winter. “Eh,” he grunted playfully, laughing when Adam caught up to him and their shoulders bumped together.

Adam raised an eyebrow, his exultation dropping to expose the slightest hint of anxiety. “You didn’t like it?”

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Pairing: Kadam, Rating: PG

Summary: Adam finds out about Bruce. 

Taking the chance of having the apartment for himself for the night, Kurt had invited Adam over to stay with him.

The brunette was flicking through the pages of the newest ‘Vogue’ issue as he heard Adam return from the bathroom.

He placed the magazine on the small table in front of him and turned his head.

Only to wish he hadn’t.

Oh god.

Adam had found him.

He had found Bruce.

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